The Battle of Britain Bunker Exhibition and Visitor Centre is a 2,000 square metre complex on two levels. Its design embraces the central themes of flight and aeroplanes. Our exhibition hall features state-of-the-art museum displays and we also have a 95 seat auditorium; large and small meeting rooms with views of the exhibition; a café and gift shop; reception area and toilets.


The Battle of Britain Bunker Exhibition and Visitor Centre includes a state-of-the-art exhibition detailing the development of the UK’s air defence system from the First World War to the end of the Second World War. It places the bunker in its context both chronologically and systematically. Visitors learn the key moments of history that shaped Britain’s air defence and led to the construction of the bunker. They can listen to first-hand accounts from people that worked in the bunker during its finest hour in 1940. They can see real artefacts including aircraft wreckage, uniforms, and telecommunications equipment used by the RAF to defend the nation. And they can experience for themselves the pressures, complexity and fun of working in the bunker with our hands-on, audio-visual interactives.

The exhibition provides insight into how the bunker worked, inside and out, featuring a replica of the original 1940 plotting map and a 360 degree touch screen experience for those unable to go underground to visit the bunker and the original Operations Room.